Tycho @ Troubadour – 1.13.13

Tycho at the Troubadour
Wow. Tycho makes everything look and sound so beautiful. Heart melt.

On Sunday, January 13, Scott Hansen – a.k.a. graphic designer ISO50 a.k.a. electronic sonic designer Tycho – painted a lush Pacific Ocean love story daydream on the stage of the Troubadour. I fell in love with these guys after checking them out at FYF Fest last fall and was so excited to rekindle the flame for one of their two nights in LA. (Both nights sold out, no surprise.)

The visuals behind the band are salivating, captivating, as Scott and his drummer and bassist layer on their atmospheric sound. A projector shines onto the backdrop imagery of a girl walking with her hair infinitely blowing, drifting through a desert. An ocean flows in slow motion, with surfers slicing along waves. The girl’s hands reach up lazily at something in a sunflare. So atmospheric, dreamy, and sexy, they were the perfect visuals for songs like “Dive” and “Coastal Brake,” and a bunch of new material that the crowd yummed up.

Scott’s a pro about making a Tycho show the total staging package. His stylized presentation is the lovechild of his graphic design career. The first 100 ticket-buyers from the sold out show even received a super-saturated magenta-and-blue, impeccably designed limited edition print. (I got one, yay.)

At one point, someone in the crowd yelled, “I love your typography!”

I loved it all. And I want to be the girl in the visuals.

Tycho at the Troubadour

Tycho at the Troubadour

Band of Horses with Tyler Ramsey @ the Troubadour – 9.27.12

“I’m coming up only to hold you under…”

When Band of Horses singer Ben Bridwell intro’ed the song “The Funeral,” he called it the best Band of Horses song ever. Hell yeah.

BoH played a perfect set list of old faves and new jams at an intimate, super-sold-out treat of a show at the Troubadour on Thursday, September 27. They looked like they had all just emerged from a cabin in the woods somewhere and sounded as Southern sweet and solid as ever.

Also, for a few seconds — and a possible misinterpretation of a request shouted from the crowd — Ben sang the beginning of the “My Little Pony” theme. Tee hee.

My little band of horsies.

Band of Horses at the Troubadour

“No one’s ever gonna love you more than I do.”

Band of Horses - Bassist Bill Reynolds' Pedal