New Video: Hayley Coupon “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” (Tame Impala Cover)

I am aware this site is called Attractive Strangers and not Attractive Slackers. I know I missed last week’s Free Song Friday!

But, I’m making it up to you! With a Tame Impala cover! And you can download it for freeeee!

Bonus relevance: Tame Impala are playing a sold out show TONIGHT at Belasco Theater. TI were so good in Pomona this summer. Can’t hardly wait for tonight.

And “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is my jam, ma’am.

Please enjoy Hayley Coupon and her apartment of musicians performing the tune.

Free download of Hayley Coupon “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” (Tame Impala Cover) from Soundcloud:

Tame Impala @ Fox Theater – 5.30.13

Tame Impala at the Fox Theater, Pomona Tame Impala at the Fox Theater, Pomona Tame Impala at the Fox Theater, Pomona

On Thursday, May 30, I learned that you don’t need a passport to go to Pomona.

I missed Aussie acid rockers Tame Impala at Coachella this year so I just had to had to HAD TO see them when they scheduled their show at the Fox Theater. Even if that meant driving out to Pomona in the rush-hour eastbound traffic. I know, I know. Oh, wahhh — LA traffic — wahhh — and then I got to see my favorite band.

It was well worth every minute and mile of the drive once I was in the sold-out crowd of 2,000 people all scream-singing, “It feels like we only go backwards, darling.”

The band started the night with “Solitude is Bliss,” to the backdrop of a green oscilloscope animating giant stoner spirals in sync with every strum of singer Kevin Parker’s guitar. The iTunes visualizer mesmerized the audience — and often the band members themselves — as they rocked through every fan favorite from Lonerism and Innerspeaker. “There’s a party in my head… and no one is invited.”

Parker gave us all permission to “lose your shit,” as they charged into the familiar chugging of “Elephant.” The chugging dropped into a dramatic quiet moment at one point, before surging back into the end of the song, making the audience go total Beatle-mania. The whole set was threaded together with these kind of departure moments and meandering jam sessions, playing off various sounds and melodies of the songs. It made for a very special live show.

If I had to, I’d drive all the way to Australia to see them again. Tame Impala is bliss.