“Hossak” from Braids’ new album – Flourish//Perish

Whoa Braids just got in my brains.

Their new song “Hossak” makes me want to float through outerspace, right into a slice of pizza. I feel like I took drugs.

These lyrics:

A boy
Is knocking at my window
With a slice of pizza
And acid in his tum tum

Oh Jordan
Where’d you go to this time?

The new Braids album Flourish//Perish is out as of yesterday! Time for a trippy listening party.

Looks like Purity Ring was looking forward to this album, too:

Check out Braids with Hundred Waters at the Bootleg Bar on October 1.

Lightning in a Bottle @ Lake Skinner – 7.11-7.15.13

Lightning in a Bottle was everything in a bottle for me. The “celebration of Art, Sustainability, Music, Performance, and Life Itself” at Lake Skinner, in Temecula, CA, July 11-15, was like a checklist of favorite things: Music. Yoga. DJing. Art. Losing myself to dance. Organic breakfast burritos. Sick remixes. Treehouses. Free coconut water (thanks, Vita Coco). Best friends. Wearing booty shorts. People freeing the F out of their spirits.

I ate a lavender popsicle.

I watched Purity Ring so close I almost thought I was part of the “Fineshrine.”

I DJed for Rachelle Tratt‘s yoga class “Let Your Soul Shine” at the Namaste Yoga area on Saturday morning. We had about 40 shiny souls. So fantastic. My song list was all soul-, sun-, and shine-inspired music.

I danced my face off to some amazing remixes that I immediately soundclouded when I was back in Internet-connected reality. Everyone loves remixes because humans are tenderly and intensely attached to nostalgia. Remixes are like nostalgia you can dance to. They are everything we want to hear, but more. One of the best remixers and reworkers of the weekend was Gigamesh with his versions of songs like “Groove is in the Heart” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” making us shuffle our feet in the heat at the Woogie Stage. A.Skillz also provided a nostalgia-tinged soundtrack for one of the best sweaty dance parties of the fest, cutting and scratching through a set of endless greatest hits from AC/DC to Jackson Five to House of Pain “Jump Around.”

On the Bamboo Stage, I was digging on all the harder acts like lowRIDERz, a heavy duty deep dirty bass project from An-Ten-Nae, Laura Low and Auberon. I also loved GRiZ‘s sexy-sax-fueled set.

Over on the main Lightning Stage, gorgeous sets with visuals ruled. Nicolas Jaar took us on an experimental trip. Purity Ring surrounded us with glowing cocoons illuminating in sync with their haunting love songs. Tycho performed a daydream set as the sun went down on the final night, like the lights turning down in a movie theater so we could get lost in their lush video projections. Goldroom also played a memorable sunshiny set on the main stage, with their LA disco-infused grooves.

A general theme was: SWEAT. I misplaced my deodorant on day one and gave up, never looked back. We all perspired our asses off because it was hot as a mug out there in Temecula. Luckily, there was water park area to splash around in and cool off. BUT, NO BATHING IN THE SPLASH PAD!

Lightning in a Bottle 2013


More moments and quotes of note…

– In the backstage area behind the Bamboo Stage, we got thirsty. There was a keg but no cups, so my buddy Mike decided to just refill his empty Pacifico bottle from the keg. A classic reuse-recycle sustainable festival moment.

– “As long as it’s your yoga mat and not animal urine, I’m cool with it.” – Upon investigating the scent in our tent.

– “Can I borrow your tape. My disco ball broke.” – Upon discovering my disco ball broke.

Comin’ Up: Lightning in a Bottle with Purity Ring, Tycho, and more

Lightning in a Bottle
July 11-15, 2013
Lake Skinner
Temecula, CA

Can I borrow someone’s tent? Time to start prepping for Lightning in a Bottle! Been fiending for the Woogie Stage.

The Do LaB has cooked up a sick lineup for us this year. Purity Ring was just added to the already awesome list including Nicolas Jaar, Rusko, Tycho, Paper Diamond, Emancipator, PANTyRAiD, Lee Burridge, and more. Alongside this thick lineup of DJs and music, Lightning in a Bottle also offers performance art, spiritual workshops, yoga, art installations, and an all-around rad festival vibe. Everyone camps onsite like a big happy freaky feathered family. Can’t wait.

Get all the info on buying festival passes here.

Lightning in a Bottle 2013

The Coachella Runoff Effect: Purity Ring @ El Rey – 4.18.13

Purity Ring at the El Rey Purity Ring at the El Rey

Another Coachella eve show in Los Angeles — this one was the night before the start of Weekend 2 of Coachella.

I saw Purity Ring at the end of last summer at FYF Fest and totally hearted their sound and their gorgeous lighting and staging. I knew I had to get into their show at the El Rey last week since I was doomed to miss them at either of the Coachella weekends.

Their stage is haloed by hanging, glowing cocoons that light up in alternating colors, synced with the music, glowing and hypnotizing you as you listen to their slow, haunting yet heavy electronic tunes with bizarre names like “Lofticries” and “Obedear.” Genius. Why are the song names so unusual, yet you know exactly what singer Megan James means when she says you’d make a “Fineshrine”?

Building on the lighting concept, Megan also sometimes holds an industrial-looking light to her stomach as she sings, or she picks up a mallet and beats a bass drum that glows on impact. Producer Corin Roddick accents his sounds and effects by drumming on what look like seed pod lights attached to his station.

It’s like musical fireflies flickering around those paper lanterns from Pier One. Definitely if I was the richest person in the world, this is how I’d have my bedroom lit. And I’d have Megan sing to me every night.