Woof. Dog Videos: Mayer Hawthorne “Her Favorite Song” and HARD SUMMER 2013 Official Trailer

Is this a thing now? Dogs in videos?

I gotta give it up to the director of the HARD summer trailer. Now I’m def going to HARD, no question. I want to see all these bass critters. Flux Pavilion fluffy poodle is my favorite. And of course: Crystal Castles kitten. Meow.

Today, Mayer Hawthorne threw some more cool dogs (hot dogs?) in our faces with his video for “Her Favorite Song.” The songs is from his new album Where Does This Door Go, due out July 16.

Here, watch some dogs:

Mayer Hawthorne – “Her Favorite Song”

HARD SUMMER 2013 Official Trailer

Honorable mention: Baha Men. “Who Let the Dogs Out.” Who who who.

Baha Men – “Who Let the Dogs Out”