The Do-Over London @ Cre8 Lifestyle Centre – 8.10.14

Boom. Another stamp in my Do-Over passport: London.

(Adding to the list of Do locales I’ve been to… Palm Springs, Hawaii, and several of its LA homes.)

Sunday’s Do in Hackney had us wiping our feet really good on the rhythm rug to the sounds of Haycock, Strong, Kutmah, Toddla T, Cosmo Baker, and Maseo of De La Soul. Pretty nice lil’ lineup for a Sunday afternoon of sangria spilling and body moving.

A list of rad people spotted at the Do-Over London:

  • Dude on the dance floor with a GoPro on his headband, red light on the whole time.
  • Dude with his earbuds in. (????)
  • The, erm, lively bartenders.
  • Toddla T wearing a Garfield shirt that said “At least you care.”
  • Group polishing off a bottle of Bulleit bourbon in the crowd.
  • Leila and me.
  • And of course… the girl from the front who reached across the mixer to improvise some edits to Toddla T’s set.

Flashback: Toddla T played a remix of this tune “Always” by MK that hot-tub-time-machined back to a sweaty dance floor moment in Baltimore in the mid 90s. “Do you know what your love is doing to me baby?” Let’s listen again and remember.

Dolly Parton at Glastonbury

On Sunday, June 29, I watched Dolly Parton perform on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury (well, via my TV in my Kentishtown flat). Dolly is amazing. It was otherwise a completely dreary, damp day… but Dolly was up there in her perfect white rhinestoned getup and perfectly coiffed blond hair. Flawless.

Such a pro with her stage banter and energy and gratitude, she inspires me.

I couldn’t believe how absolutely NUTS the crowd was going when she sang “9-5,” with a lot of the Glastonburiers (correct term?) in blond wigs and stuffed bras singing along to every word. Then she started talking about the Lawd and how she loved the Bon Jovi song “Lay Your Hands On Me” — so much so that she called up Jon Bon Jovi and asked if they could rewrite the lyrics a bit to make it more of a gospel tune. And then guess what: Richie Sambora joined her on stage and they performed it. Now, “Lay Your Hands On Me” has never been one of my favorite BJ tracks, but this was a very hype moment. Even after Dolly left the stage and the cameras were idly broadcasting the huge crowd from afar, you could hear them all singing “Lay Your Hands On Me.”

Another thing that was amazing: the BBC’s coverage of Glastonbury. I did not actually have to be out there in the dreary, damp among 175,000 festival goers to watch this whole Dolly moment unfold. I was in a comfy chair in our flat, watching on the telly. Even more amazing, if I pushed the red button on my remote control, I could choose from any of the stages to watch live. Man, we really need to step it up in the US. This blew me away.

Jolene. Jolene. Jolene. JoLEEEEEEEEEENE.

De Lux @ Birthdays – 6.19.14

De Lux at Birthdays Dalston - June 19 2014 De Lux at Birthdays Dalston - June 19 2014

My first venture out to see some live music in London… so of course I went to see a Los Angeles band. De Lux!

Upstairs at Birthdays in Dalston, we cheered on England as they kicked balls against Uruguay in the World Cup. Unfortunately, England was defeated and only a small number of the game watchers trickled downstairs after to watch De Lux on the basement stage. It really bums people out in London when England loses. Obvi.

I love De Lux. They are your friends’ garage band that plays disco. They are a love letter to the Talking Heads. Their music sounds like it could motivate Danielson to win the tournament in The Karate Kid.

Revisit their free EP (via Scion AV) from a way’s back, and check out De Lux’s recently released debut full-length album Voyage. My favorite track is “Better At Making Time,” which has a video that I’ve kindly posted for you below.

p.s. How cool is the name Birthdays for a bar? Everyone loves birthdays.

Free Song Fridays – Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” remixes from Lorde, Dimond Saints, Just A Gent

Welcome to your life. There’s no turning back.

Attractive Strangers has temporarily relocated to London for the summer. It’s like summer camp. So I’m going to dig up some bangers and mashups (surely someone has used this lame pun before) for you strangers while I’m out here, and see what trouble I can get into and blog about.

In honour of my arrival in the UK and my new surplus of free time, I’m not only resurrecting Free Song Fridays, but I’m dedicating the first installment to one of my fave English duos from back in the day. Tears for Fears time, y’all. Three free songs for your Friday.

Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Just A Gent Remix)
A fresh new remix just a couple days old from Just A Gent… who, mind you, is just a kid. He’s 17 years old. WHAT. That’s right. Do the math. Tears for Fears released the original song in 1985, but Just a Gent wasn’t born for another ~12 years. Gahhhh. Time to start making arrangements for my retirement village in Fla.
Free download link!

Lorde “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Dimond Saints Remix)
Royal. Here’s a dark, crunk version of EWTRTW by everybody’s favorite lady voice of late: Lorde.
Free download link!