Kid Koala “12 bit Blues” Vinyl Vaudeville @ Echoplex – 11.1.12

Kid Koala

After marching through the crowd with a trio of neon chicks hoisting lit-up, deconstructed umbrellas, Kid Koala took the Echoplex stage on Thursday, November 1, and said to the crowd:

“I didn’t bring any laptop. I didn’t bring any headphones. Do you mind? I’m just gonna play some vinyl.”

And that was plenty. With the volume on 11, Kid Koala showed off his command of his three turntables and “just” vinyl — cutting up songs and scratching as easily as some of the rest of us drive a car.

Despite the fact that he had two screens behind him projecting a video feed of everything he was doing, I have no idea what he was doing. He effortlessly cut between his turntables, mixing Beastie Boys, funk, blues, and a particularly impressive mix where he juggled the lyrics of OutKast’s “The Whole World.”

The show was called “12 bit Blues” Vinyl Vaudeville, and in the vein of a variety show, Kid Koala brought along a cast of performers, puppets, gags, and dancing girls. Cut Chemist joined him on stage, as well as Bryan Lee O’Malley, a.k.a. the creator of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” for a keyboard solo. David Choe, Money Mark, and Dan the Automator were on hand earlier in the evening. And I can’t go without mentioning Adira Amram and the Experience, who danced throughout the show in what I can only politely describe as jazzercise burlesque. Adira, girl, you’re crazy.

She did make for some great photos though. Especially the cheeseburger kazoo solo she took. Please enjoy: