Mother’s Day Yoga Flow @ The Yoga Collective – 5.11.14

Glennie Rabin and Rachelle Tratt - Mother's Day Yoga Music for the Mamas - Mother's Day Yoga Flow by DJ Glenniest

Not sure how Rachelle Tratt (The Neshama Project) and I manage to coordinate our outfits and music-yoga flow without ever communicating what we’re doing. Must be sisters-from-another-mister. Must be magic.

On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, I provided the soundtrack for a sweaty, soulful yoga practice led by Rachelle at The Yoga Collective in Venice. I put a lot of thought and heart into this mix, in honor of our mamas and all the mamas everywhere… there was some 2Pac “Dear Mama”, there was a little “I’ll Always Love My Mama”, and there were some majorly sweet covers of “Ooh Child” and “Mama Said” towards the end as we slowed down toward savasana.

Happy Mother’s Day, strangers.

Graced by a Cat Billboard: Villekulla @ Mandrake – 3.10.14

Cat Billboard above Mandrake Bar Glenniest at Villekulla - The Catnip Experience - Mandrake Bar

Roycifer, Glenniest, Zornfett - Villekulla at Mandrake - March 10 2014

In true March fashion, this month’s edition of Villekulla at Mandrake Bar came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. A storm of messing with wires and mixers and settings, then the heavens parted and revealed our Villekulla miracle: a glorious cat billboard over Mandrake.

And, check it out, I made a DJ page for myself (DJ Glenniest). What what!