The Coachella Runoff Effect: Purity Ring @ El Rey – 4.18.13

Purity Ring at the El Rey Purity Ring at the El Rey

Another Coachella eve show in Los Angeles — this one was the night before the start of Weekend 2 of Coachella.

I saw Purity Ring at the end of last summer at FYF Fest and totally hearted their sound and their gorgeous lighting and staging. I knew I had to get into their show at the El Rey last week since I was doomed to miss them at either of the Coachella weekends.

Their stage is haloed by hanging, glowing cocoons that light up in alternating colors, synced with the music, glowing and hypnotizing you as you listen to their slow, haunting yet heavy electronic tunes with bizarre names like “Lofticries” and “Obedear.” Genius. Why are the song names so unusual, yet you know exactly what singer Megan James means when she says you’d make a “Fineshrine”?

Building on the lighting concept, Megan also sometimes holds an industrial-looking light to her stomach as she sings, or she picks up a mallet and beats a bass drum that glows on impact. Producer Corin Roddick accents his sounds and effects by drumming on what look like seed pod lights attached to his station.

It’s like musical fireflies flickering around those paper lanterns from Pier One. Definitely if I was the richest person in the world, this is how I’d have my bedroom lit. And I’d have Megan sing to me every night.

The Coachella Runoff Effect: Passion Pit w/Tan Lines @ Club Nokia – 4.11.13

I was lazy this year and slept through both weekends of Coachella. Zzz. Heard I missed a lot of dust. And R. Kelly popping up on stage with Phoenix?!

I also missed a couple of my fave bands, so I caught the bonus LA shows scheduled close to the Coachella weekend bookends.

First show: Passion Pit w/Tan Lines @ Club Nokia – April 11, 2013

Passion Pit @ Club Nokia

I bought these tickets right when they went on sale, and they had sold out instantly at the time. The show was scheduled for Coachella eve — the night before the first day of Coachella Weekend 1. I figured if I do spontaneously go to CW1, I will def be able to sell these tickets because it is a sold-out scenario.

WRONG. There was such an abundance of these Passion Pit tickies on Craigslist that people couldn’t give them away. So I figured, F it let’s go see PP.

Good call.

There is not enough happy rainbow upbeat feelgood music in the world these days. Thank you, Passion Pit for being a double rainbow all the way. Bopping around on the stage in preppy clothes, Passion Pit looked like a sweaty group of classmates from Rushmore.

Another fun thing about Passion Pit — you wouldn’t believe how many of their songs you know. The band has about 8 singles off their 2 albums Manners and Gossamer (their latest).

Really, the only thing that could have made the concert happier and funner is if they held it at a Chuck E. Cheese and dropped balloons filled with puppies from the ceiling during their last song of the night, “Sleepyhead.”