The Coachella Runoff Effect: Passion Pit w/Tan Lines @ Club Nokia – 4.11.13

I was lazy this year and slept through both weekends of Coachella. Zzz. Heard I missed a lot of dust. And R. Kelly popping up on stage with Phoenix?!

I also missed a couple of my fave bands, so I caught the bonus LA shows scheduled close to the Coachella weekend bookends.

First show: Passion Pit w/Tan Lines @ Club Nokia – April 11, 2013

Passion Pit @ Club Nokia

I bought these tickets right when they went on sale, and they had sold out instantly at the time. The show was scheduled for Coachella eve — the night before the first day of Coachella Weekend 1. I figured if I do spontaneously go to CW1, I will def be able to sell these tickets because it is a sold-out scenario.

WRONG. There was such an abundance of these Passion Pit tickies on Craigslist that people couldn’t give them away. So I figured, F it let’s go see PP.

Good call.

There is not enough happy rainbow upbeat feelgood music in the world these days. Thank you, Passion Pit for being a double rainbow all the way. Bopping around on the stage in preppy clothes, Passion Pit looked like a sweaty group of classmates from Rushmore.

Another fun thing about Passion Pit — you wouldn’t believe how many of their songs you know. The band has about 8 singles off their 2 albums Manners and Gossamer (their latest).

Really, the only thing that could have made the concert happier and funner is if they held it at a Chuck E. Cheese and dropped balloons filled with puppies from the ceiling during their last song of the night, “Sleepyhead.”