Video: “Meow the Jewels” is REAL

Timmy - Meow the Jewels

My cat Timmy and I just did some catnip rips and sat down to watch the Meow the Jewels trailer. We are pleased.

Thanks to a bunch of furball fans who donated more than $50,000 real dollars (and growing), Killer Mike and El-P will remix their album Run the Jewels 2 with all cat sounds. And a bunch of artists are lending a production paw to the effort, too — Bauuer, Boots, Dan The Automator, El-P, Geoff Barrow, Just Blaze, Killer Mike, Nick Hook, Prince Paul, Run The Jewels, Skywlkr, The Alchemist, Gaslamp Killer, and Zola Jesus.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here. There’s still time to throw some more money at this thing!

Boom. Here’s the trailer. Cats and music forever.

Interview with DZSTRKRFT re: his new EP “Cut, Paste, Destroy”

DZSTRKRFT - Cut, Paste, Destroy

Come come, strangers. Let’s all get on board the DZSTRKRFT submarine on its maiden voyage and dive into the percussive depths, leaving behind a little trail of noise bubbles.

Today, you get 4 #free songs and an interview with one of my vurry best friends, Roycifer, who has just released his first EP independently under the moniker DZSTRKRFT. Which is pronounced disaster-craft. And what a finely crafted disasterpiece it is.

I chatted electronically with the man behind DZSTRKRFT and his debut release Cut, Paste, Destroy, and here’s what he had to say for himself:

ASs: What was your creative process for making Cut, Paste, Destroy? Or did we just answer our own question?

DZSTRKRFT: indeed you did. the sounds you hear on the EP are the sounds that have been swirling in nebulous forms in my head for almost a lifetime but i was only now able to assemble into a complete idea. i was very explicitly after something utilizing breakbeats, sub-bass, slow tempos, and cut-up and glitchy. “cut, paste, destroy” is entirely sample-based which allowed me to capture those sounds (cut/paste) and then scramble it all up (destroy). as explicitly stated in the vocal sample in “the creative process/swartz dub”, “everything is built on something else”.

ASs: How would you define your sound? We are frothing for a good genre name.

DZSTRKRFT: this is hard for me to answer because i can only offer the things that inspired me but its hard to describe the final output objectively. “electronic” is too broad, “glitch” or “dub(step)” are too narrow, “post-digital” is wonderfully meaningless. so suggestions for a good, hashtag-able genre name are welcome.

ASs: Who are we hearing in the vocal samples throughout the EP?

DZSTRKRFT: the vocal samples are lifted from interviews with the late aaron swartz, who was one of the inventors of RSS, a cofounder of reddit, and eventual internet “hacktivist” with greater political aspirations. his understanding of the power of the internet and being able to see through institutionalized thinking are things that resonate greatly with me. i never intended on utilizing vocals of any kind, but a film about aaron’s life, “the internet’s own boy“, came out around the time i started working on the tracks which sent me down a youtube hole where i found some awesome interviews with aaron. the sound bites about everything being built on something else and questioning everything fit perfectly with the “cut, paste, destroy” concept.

ASs: What do you want strangers to know about you and your music?

DZSTRKRFT: i just want people to listen to my music and share it if they like it. music is made to be heard.

ASs: Tell us more about your cat.

DZSTRKRFT: my cat likes to sit atop a brita. her name is dita. she is also into destruction. cat, pet, destroy.

DZSTRKRFT's disaster cat, Dita

Playlist for your listening ease below. And a link to the DZSTRKRFT Bandcamp where you can download the EP in one tidy little zip.

DZSTRKRFT - Cut, Paste, Destroy

The Do-Over London @ Cre8 Lifestyle Centre – 8.10.14

Boom. Another stamp in my Do-Over passport: London.

(Adding to the list of Do locales I’ve been to… Palm Springs, Hawaii, and several of its LA homes.)

Sunday’s Do in Hackney had us wiping our feet really good on the rhythm rug to the sounds of Haycock, Strong, Kutmah, Toddla T, Cosmo Baker, and Maseo of De La Soul. Pretty nice lil’ lineup for a Sunday afternoon of sangria spilling and body moving.

A list of rad people spotted at the Do-Over London:

  • Dude on the dance floor with a GoPro on his headband, red light on the whole time.
  • Dude with his earbuds in. (????)
  • The, erm, lively bartenders.
  • Toddla T wearing a Garfield shirt that said “At least you care.”
  • Group polishing off a bottle of Bulleit bourbon in the crowd.
  • Leila and me.
  • And of course… the girl from the front who reached across the mixer to improvise some edits to Toddla T’s set.

Flashback: Toddla T played a remix of this tune “Always” by MK that hot-tub-time-machined back to a sweaty dance floor moment in Baltimore in the mid 90s. “Do you know what your love is doing to me baby?” Let’s listen again and remember.

Comin’ Up: SBTRKT @ Belasco Theater 10.14 and 10.15

I am in love with this SBTRKT sound critter that is the cover model for his upcoming second album Wonder Where We Land. I want to hold him in my hand and listen to the new single “NEW DORP. NEW YORK,” featuring Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend.

Let’s pretend he’s in our slender, cool palms right now, and we are surrounded by bright red walls, and open our ears:

When I close my eyes, I almost wouldn’t recognize this as SBTRKT at all. It’s definitely a departure, happily laced with Ezra’s charming vocal vibe. My ears like it.

Also, I did the courtesy of looking up New Dorp… It’s in Staten Island.

Wonder Where We Land comes out September 23, and LA folks have 2 chances to see the live show — October 14 and 15 at the Belasco Theater. Tickets go on sale here, July 31 @ 10am.