The Do-Over London @ Cre8 Lifestyle Centre – 8.10.14

Boom. Another stamp in my Do-Over passport: London.

(Adding to the list of Do locales I’ve been to… Palm Springs, Hawaii, and several of its LA homes.)

Sunday’s Do in Hackney had us wiping our feet really good on the rhythm rug to the sounds of Haycock, Strong, Kutmah, Toddla T, Cosmo Baker, and Maseo of De La Soul. Pretty nice lil’ lineup for a Sunday afternoon of sangria spilling and body moving.

A list of rad people spotted at the Do-Over London:

  • Dude on the dance floor with a GoPro on his headband, red light on the whole time.
  • Dude with his earbuds in. (????)
  • The, erm, lively bartenders.
  • Toddla T wearing a Garfield shirt that said “At least you care.”
  • Group polishing off a bottle of Bulleit bourbon in the crowd.
  • Leila and me.
  • And of course… the girl from the front who reached across the mixer to improvise some edits to Toddla T’s set.

Flashback: Toddla T played a remix of this tune “Always” by MK that hot-tub-time-machined back to a sweaty dance floor moment in Baltimore in the mid 90s. “Do you know what your love is doing to me baby?” Let’s listen again and remember.

Graced by a Cat Billboard: Villekulla @ Mandrake – 3.10.14

Cat Billboard above Mandrake Bar Glenniest at Villekulla - The Catnip Experience - Mandrake Bar

Roycifer, Glenniest, Zornfett - Villekulla at Mandrake - March 10 2014

In true March fashion, this month’s edition of Villekulla at Mandrake Bar came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. A storm of messing with wires and mixers and settings, then the heavens parted and revealed our Villekulla miracle: a glorious cat billboard over Mandrake.

And, check it out, I made a DJ page for myself (DJ Glenniest). What what!