Catching up with Sampology at Culture Collide – 10.17.14 & 10.18.14

Sampology at Culture Collide LA Sampology at Culture Collide LA

Under the big balloon moon of Culture Collide LA, I caught up with Sampology over drinkies in Taix Restaurant before his set Friday night.

Out of Brisbane, Australia, Sampology (Sam Poggioli) is an audio-visual artist who is one chill fuzzy haired sweetheart of an Aussie dude. His sets are always known for being a collage of visuals and DJed music, but this time around he is coming out with all original sights and sounds. The music is all his own, and the visuals accompanying were something he worked on with — here comes the sweetheart part — his mom! His videos give movement to his mother’s illustrations and paintings, and it was so beautiful to know this story and connection behind them as I watched his set. ((hug))

Sampology at Culture Collide LA

He describes the sound he’s drawn to as “carnival tropical.” The inspiration for his new single “Shine A Light” was from his experience watching the dancefloor as a DJ. He’d put on and early 70s/late 80s Brazilian record and as he said, “the girls would start to move their hips and it changes the whole dynamic.” Dynamic hip shaking and cheering greeted the track when Sampology closed out the night with it in the front room of Taix later that evening. Check the video for “Shine A Light,” a collaboration with R&B singer Daniel Merriweather:

Sampology came from a hip-hop background, and draws from a collection of what he estimates at 4,000-5,000 records to sampologize from. “I like to take a sample and flip it. I take something familiar that people might know, and flip it and juxtapose it.”


I had to ask him about my favorite of these flipped out audio-visual creations from 2012: ATTACK OF THE CATS. He said the inspiration was his girlfriend’s cat Ronnie. All I can say is, Ronnie must be one rad cat to have inspired this catsterpiece. Behold:

Sampology performed Friday, October 17, at Taix Restaurant, and Saturday, October 18, at The Aussie BBQ at The Echo. His debut US LP is due out June 2015.

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